Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Trying something new ...

I LOVE pictures ... maybe that's an understatement ... Pictures are my life! ha ha ha but seriously I love to display and look at my pictures as much as possible, because they all have meaning and remind me of amazing moments in my life. 

I'm trying to spruce up the scrap room and put up more pictures, so I'm starting by dressing up some photos to frame!

Again, here's Rambo!

I cut this 4 x 6 picture down just a bit so that I could frame it out with some blue cardstock from The Paper Company.  I then did a little doodleing on it, to give it a little something extra.

Then, I took out the Crackle Accents ... I've never used this before, Ever! So this is trial and error to the fullest, so learn with me!

I cut a piece of black cardstock and wrote Rambo's name down it in Silver Gel Pen, I then used a painbrush to apply the Crackle accents to the paper. Don't forget to move the paper over a bit after you've applied the Crackle accents because if you don't it'll stick to the surface you're working on!

Once the section dried and crackled I used my ATG fun to fasten the strip to the photo.  I also used a bone button for a little accent on the bottom corner!

It's a really neat product! I put it on thin so it gives a subtle crackled appearance, but the thicker you go the more dramatic it will come out! Now This will go in a frame and keep me company in the scrap room! Now I need to work on some stuff for Zeus!

Happy Crafting!



  1. Adorable! Where would I find this crackle stuff? Is it similar to glossy accents? Thanks Meg!


  2. That is an awesome picture of your Rambo and such a great way to showcase him in your scrap room! Great technique to try! Has your husband made any new furniture for your space lately? I was showing your pics to my hubby and he just shook his head at me! I'm pretty sure that means don't count on it!

  3. Jenny, I got the crackle accents at Hobby Lobby, but I originally saw it at Michaels ... most craft stores should have it =) It's packaged in the same was as the glossy accents, the difference is the glossy will give things a shiny finish and the crackle while it does give off a bit of shine, is a more distressed look when it's done! I hope this helps! Thanks for all your support!

    Amber, no new furniture yet! He was building cabinets and our basement flooded a little while back, soooo he had to get rid of what he started! He's been cutting out wooden decorations to sand and paint so I can't say that he hasn't done anything for me! He will absolutely LOVE that someone was asking about his creations! Thanks for stopping by and all the great comments!


  4. Looks like it turned out great....Love that stuff!
    Hopping along.

  5. I really like the way your project turned out!!! Thanks for sharing! I'm a new follower!

    I'd love for you to come by my blog and follow me when you get a chance!

    kreative.krystal at gmail dot com

  6. This is a very cute project. I have never used this product, I guess I will have to try it. TFS

  7. Super sweet! What a cutie patootie!! :-)