Monday, April 11, 2011

Blog Hop Today!

Good Morning Everyone! 

Later today (at 5pm to be exact!) The New Season, New Skill Blog Hop kicks off and I hope you can swing by to see what all the crafty ladies have made! But for now, I'll leave you with a laugh for today!

My husband is like many other guys ... he takes pride in his lawn ... it has to look just so! The front of our house usually does quite well, we did all new mulch beds last year as there weren't any, and the lawn generally looks pretty good!

He's proud of this lawn, but the backyard ... that's a different story! The people that owned the house before us didn't do much with it ... in fact I don't think they did anything with it! So this year he's at it again!

He raked and seeded this section to start, and then had to "rope it off" due to these guys ...

So as silly as it sounds, I'm honoring my husband and his "craft" today as I wish him tons of luck with his back lawn ... because otherwise I'll never hear the end of it! Hope this gave you a good laugh to start the day!

See you later tonight for the blog hop!

Happy Crafting!


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