Saturday, January 29, 2011


Hey everyone! I hope that you're having a fabulous Saturday! I know that in between cleaning all day I've been trying to keep up with all the postings from the Winter CHA 2011! I'm loving the new Cricut Craft Room and the Expression 2 looks amazing! As promised here are the aweful before pictures of my messy room!

Above is the view walking into the craft room ... I know I know it's a mess! But picture this ... a 5 ft workstation with cabinets underneath, and above it a funky curtain rod (it's next to the door!) with rings and clips to hang scrapping projects!
This is to the left ... please ignore the mattress! We're in the process of taking down walls in the front spare room (as our house is old and we have good ole' plaster!) Anyways, the mattress found it's way into here but I think it's time it met up with the boxspring the next room over! There will be another 5 ft workstation here with A-framed open shelves on either side that I'm hoping to store items like my cricut, yourstory and cuttlebug to keep them at easy access but off my workspace!

But ENOUGH OF THAT! How about a quick small project that you can alter to any holiday to help spruce up that boring door of yours?!

Start out with a plain wreath from your local craft store ... I believe this was from Michaels and I got it on sale ... I think it was only about 3$ ... my kind of deal!

Next get some of this decorative garland ... they sell it for pretty much every holiday which makes this project great for any time of year! All you have to do is wrap it around the wreath and secure it with the hot glue gun ... make sure that you hold it down for a bit to give the glue a chance to cure and harden, otherwise the garland will pop right out of the glue!

Finally, add a bow to it ... I used wired ribbon because it will hold the loops once you form them ... my bow making skills need some improvement but hey, it works! Cut a V  out of the bottom of each tail of the bow to make it look more finished!

I had to throw in a picture of my helper! Rambo realized the sun was shining into the room and felt the need to lay down and watch!

So welcome again to my space, it's slow in coming but as soon as I'm more organized again I'll have more papercrafting types of projects to share! Have a great day!


A little late!

Hey everyone! So my hopes to get some pictures up of my "Before" scrap room failed this week due to car troubles and a busy week at work! But I REALLY hope to have some up for you today! (As well as some projects that I hope to get done today!) So with that said I'm going to get to cleaning (it's poker night tonight!) so that I can get to crafting! I hope everyone has a fabulous day, and don't forget to follow Robyn at My Pink Stamper who is at CHA this weekend!


Monday, January 24, 2011

My first post!

Hey everyone and welcome to Crafting with Meg! I love to follow other crafters blogs because it gives me the opportunity to get some great ideas that I can alter to fit projects that I'm working on! I hope that you'll be able to learn things as my skills progress! I'm not to good with video yet, so I'll post many pictures and make sure to list instructions on how I made each project! Later today I hope to post pictures of my Scrap room the way it is now (I've been in the planning process to overhaul it!) and then once it's finished I'll post the after pictures! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!