Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another Birthday Wish

WooHoo for the weekend for everyone!

April is a busy month in my family, filled with birthdays! Here's a peak at the card I made my brother!

Again, very basic ... I'm trying the "Manly" card thing, remember?

I used my Gypsy to weld the word Happy together, then did some dotting around the letters to give it a little more finished look. I used a simple black ribbon to hide the seam from where the 2 pieces of paper meet.

I love these silver dots ... the card needed something extra and I don't think my brother is a pearl or gem kinda guy ... so these work out well! I finished it off my chalking the whole outside of the card to give it a rustic feel ... well at least I think so!

Here's some of what I used!

So another birthday down and who can even count how many more! I hope you liked my card and enjoy your weekend! I'm looking forward to some family time this am and then tonight we're hosting the UFC fights at our home, so I guess I need to clean before I head back up to the craft room! Whatever you end up doing today have a BLAST!

Happy Crafting!


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