Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Fav

Hey Everyone! I hope you all made it to the weekend in one piece ... I know for me it was a little rough! But the weekend is here and here is today's Friday Fav!

These are some of my FAVORITE on-line sites for great crafting deals!

LOVE JoAnn Fabrics! I hop on-line from time to time and they have some of the best deals ... I got glossy paper last week for 2.99 a package, and everywhere else was 8.99 and up!

Cricut Machine has great deals when it comes to our favorite cartridges! Keep you eye on the prices as they go up and down almost everyday! They also run shipping specials too, so ask a friend what they want and do a joint order so that you can cash in when they have free shipping!

I might have to take advantage of this sale, they actually have some cartridges that I want now for 17.95!

Custom Crops is another great favorite! I just recently found a pattern that they posted online so that you can make your own cricut dust cover! AND it was FREE! Doesn't get much better then that! I always find great deals here!

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Ebay? Just checking! I have about 45 cartridges and 44 of them were under 20$ ... I HATE paying a ton of money for cartridges, can you tell? (the only one I paid full price for was a CM special edition one) You have to be patient, but you WILL eventually get the cartridge that you're looking for, and if you aren't good with Ebay, ask a friend who is! I keep my eyes open all the time for friends!

So there you have it, this week's Friday Fav! I hope some of these places help you find deals like I do!

Happy Crafting!


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