Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Alcohol Ink Project ...

Good Morning!

I hope everyone is making it through the week! I love Wednesdays because you've already worked more days then you have left! And this week I'm off on Friday so today's actually my Thursday! I'm sorry I won't rub it in anymore!

Here's a project I did with my Alcohol Inks!

These are just regular ole' dominoes that I picked up cheap at Walmart! I flipped them over so that the dots were on the bottom.

Then I picked out what colors of Alcohol Ink I was going to use ...

I then put drops of each onto my felt
NOTE: The metallics (gold, silver, bronze and pearl) are VERY concentrated so I put multiple dots of the other colors all over the felt but only 1 drop of the gold!

Then I blotted away! You can keep re-blotting over the same spot until you get the color your looking for!

TIP: I keep my old cricut mats on hand for my Alcohol Inks and glitter sprays ... it gives you a surface to work on that won't ruin your table or other items.  They do sell craft paper for this, but why buy it when you have old cricut mats around!

The first round of blotting didn't give the color I wanted, so I went back and blotted them again to make them darker! Don't forget to blot the sides as well! The Alcohol Ink dries in less then 30 seconds, but if you're impatient you can also use a heat gun to dry them quicker!

Then I used my favorite Staz On ink in the Jet black to stamp images on top of my dominoes once they dried. 
NOTE: Stamping on these is slippery! Make sure you come straight down with the stamp firm enough to make the ink take but not too hard that you might slip and pull your stamp!

I waited a while (but for the impatient folks you can again use your heat gun) and then put a coat of Diamond Glaze on top to seal the dominoe!

Finally, I used a hot glue gun to adhere magnet to the back of the dominoe to make them into magnets! Then I packaged them up with a cute little top and they're ready to go!

Clean Up Tip: I always end up wearing alcohol ink, so don't wear your nicest clothes! Some people use gloves but I end up fumbling around! I've tried MANY things to clean my hands afterwords and the best thing is Acetone nailpolish remover! Cleans skin in a breeze, then just wash afterwords to get it off your hands =)

I'm super excited about how these turned out! I'm thinking I might start making them now for Christmas presents! Hmmm, that gives me an idea ....

Enjoy your day and as always,

Happy Crafting!


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