Thursday, March 31, 2011

I need to use my scraps!

Good Morning Everyone!

We're just a bit closer to the weekend, THANK GOODNESS!

I've spent this week trying to clean up and organize a bit and of course this translates to the scrap room! Everyone has been trying to "use your scraps" as in papercrafting we're always cutting trimming and fitting for the perfect look! So when I realized that my scraps were getting out of control I thought I would post something I found online (not my own creation) and pass it along to not only use your scraps, but decorate your projects and save a little money!

This drives me nuts! But I can't throw a good sized piece of paper out knowing that I'm going to cut a full piece down later to fit something, so I save, and it's unorganized and then I end up cutting down anyways because I can't find what I want.  So I fixed the problem! I separated into 2 piles, solid and patterned, then separated the solid cardstock by color!

We all have these kinds of scraps ... when your card making or scrapbooking and you're left with strips ... I usually throw them out until I came across someone's blog that showed what to do with them! You can use any thickness, but remember the thicker the paper the larger the corner you'll make.  This one was 1 inch thick.

Make sure the color or pattern you want to see is face down, then fold the first side over and use a bone folder to make sure you have a good crease.

Then repeat with the other side (this is the back) I use regular scotch tape to fasten the 2 pieces together, then trim the excess and start again!

Finished corner on the paper!

Super easy way to use your scraps and turn them into something useful! I now find myself making these corners as I trim paper down and keeping them in a jar on my workstation for quick use! Again, please remember I did not come up with this idea, I'm just forwarding it along!

Stay tuned as I have a couple cards planned in my Gypsy for you over the next couple days!

Hope you enjoy, Happy Crafting!


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