Friday, March 18, 2011

A quick layout

Just wanted to pop this up!

My wonderful friend Sue-Ann from Sue-Ann's Crafts got us involved in the Rays of Hope walk and just thought that I would pop this up seeing that it just made it into the scrapbook!

The top picture is Becca, my Mom, Myself and Sue-Ann
Bottom left, Mom
Far right our friend Eric sitting on my husband Jon's shoulders!

This side is a bit more plain but sometimes I overwhelm the page and went with the less is more theme .... although I can't promise this won't be a page that could possibly get re-scrapped down the road! The picture on the bottom right is Eric on the left, Sue-Ann's husband Stan in the middle and my husband to the right!

The little bit of Cricut work is from the Pink Journeys Cricut Cartridge which is amazing!

Hope you enjoyed my share for the day!

Happy Crafting!



  1. I think "less is best" sometimes. If you want your pics to tell the story... that is a motto I use quite frequently. GREAT page!! And good for you for walking!! My Mom is a survivor and I have had a few scares. So love when I see people involved! :-)

  2. Thanks Michele, and happy to hear your mom is doing well!


  3. Meaghan, I agree with Michele. This is a tasteful way to show you care and what a "GREAT" thing you are doing. It's true...we all know someone that is a Mother-in-law is six plus years out. Love your Layouts.