Saturday, March 12, 2011

Some crafty sign-ups!

Hey everyone!

I hope that you are all enjoying this great weather today! (it's supposed to be around 52 here today!!)

I've been busy this week as we had out monthly Women's Aux. meeting for the American Legion Post that I belong to. (both my grandfathers, uncle and husband all served in the service!)  Anyway, so we host a

BBQ for the Troops

on Armed Forces Day each year (this is the 4th year now!)

We use the proceeds to send packages to deployed troops overseas, as well as things back here stateside to benefit some of the older guys here.  This is an event very near and dear to my heart as my husband is a MARINE and he loved getting packages from home =) so my short time crafting last night was to make the sign up sheets so that all of our bases are covered durning the event and that we can all have fun too!

Here's what the sign-up sheets look like!

Nothing fancy as we just need them for behind the scenes stuff but I had fun! For any of my followers that are near and want to check it out ...

4th Annual Rockin' BBQ for the Troops

Saturday May 21, 2011
12pm - ? (at least 8 or 9)
$15 pp
Includes food, keg beer and 6 live bands!
(full bar available out of pocket)

Contact me for tickets! (they should be in from the printer soon!)

Hope everyone has a great day! and thanks for visiting Crafting with Meg!


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