Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A crazy week, and it's only Tuesday morning ...

Oh my, what a week! AND it's only Tuesday!

We got a TON of rain here, and now we're all paying the price.  I'm lucky to say that even in my old house the basement walls and floor are fine ... but the horrible thing I call a hatchway ... not so much! So needless to say, we come home and there's 4 inches of water in my basement ... the whole 1200 square feet of it! So sump pump it is ... all night the basement pumped and this morning it looked pretty good, obviously wet floor, but at least it isn't a standing pond anymore!

My husband keeps his very handy wood shop down there, which we've worked many hours to be able to invest in it ... but, everything looks to be fine.  I guess this was just a way to kick is into gear and clean out all the junk! So that's our plan for the rest of the week CLEAN UP DUTY! I'm hoping that the cleanup goes quick as I hope to have it done by bedtime on Friday because there had been talks of a road-trip to Hobby Lobby in NY (only about an hour and 15 away) as we don't have one near us!

Then of course in the midst of the water debacle, we've got our pellet stove that's acting up ... or so I thought ... turns out the auger motor just decided he was tired ... hence I'm now waiting for the local shop to open up so I can go pick up a new one!

I started a great project this weekend for a friend of ours ... a blank pre-made scrapbook.  She has a 4 year old and takes tons of pictures, but does nothing with them! So I started a 12x12 book with a 2 page layout for each month.  I completed Jan, Feb and March, but got so excited to give it to her that I only took cell phone pictures! (I think I need a mulligan this week!) So I'll try to get those uploaded to share. 

In the meantime please excuse the lack of creativity as the old girl that is my house needs some love! I hope everyone is staying dry!

Happy Crafting!
(and thanks for visiting!)

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