Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some Scrappy Storage!

Ok! So as promised I have a couple pictures of some great things my husband has put together for me for my scrap room!

Above is a 1ft x 6ft peg board that he framed out and routered (very nicely I might add!) I got hooks from our local Home Depot and used this to store some stamps, un-opened chip board, and other items.

This one is my pride and joy! My husband says it reminds him of a store! It is a 3ft x 6ft peg board, framed and routered the same.  I can't believe how much MORE PRODUCTIVE I have been since putting this big guy up! I get so many great embellishments on sale and for specific projects and then can NEVER find them when I need them! This is already paid off as I've been using them now that I can FIND THEM!

Finally, is my magnet board! We picked up a piece of sheet metal (again at Home Depot, do you sense a theme here!?) I got some fabric from JoAnn Fabrics crafts store and hot glued it to the back with the amazing 3M glue gun that my dad gave me! Jon finished it up by framing it out.

All of the items were pained with Behr paint in a black semi-gloss, this allows for it to easily be washed down while you're cleaning without taking the paint off!

We currently have a long shelf/ribbon holder ready to be pained, as well as some cubes and storage shelves that just need their final sand and then painting! The final additions to the room will be my cabinets and counter/workstations that Jon promises to build next!

I hope this gives you some ideas on easy storage that can be adjusted to fit any space! Thanks for stopping by Crafting with Meg!


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