Saturday, February 26, 2011

Guest Designer

Good Morning everyone, and Happy Weekend!

I had fallen so behind on posting when the computer started acting up that I feel like we need to go into overdrive to catch up! So I called in a favor and issued my mom Jo-Ann a challenge (great idea from Sue-Ann).  The weather here was horrible to say the least yesterday.  It was grey all day and kept changing back and forth between snow and rain, both of which were cold and miserable! So what better way to cheer up then to "Think Spring" and so with that here's what my mom Jo-Ann came up with! Hope you enjoy!

Mom's new to the scrapping/cardmaking scene ... only about 2 months! Isn't she creative! She just upgraded from Baby Cricut to the Expression (courtesy of my brother!) a couple days ago, and she's been super excited about it! She even pulled out the flower soft (something I've been nervous to do as of yet, but maybe I'll try it later today)

She even decorated the inside of her card, boarder punch and all!

Then of course on a different note (not yesterday's challenge) I thought I'd feature another card that she made that could be altered for any occasion ....

See the middle? It's a cut open Pepsi can that she ran through her Texture Boutique! (NOTE: The cans can be very sharp, so please take your time and craft carefully!)

She even decorated the inside to cover up the can!

So there you have it! 2 Fabulous designs from my guest designer, my mom! I hope you enjoyed her creativity and that it helps motivate and inspire you today! Stay tuned for more projects as I'm off to meet up with the crafty ladies! As always, thanks for visiting Crafting With Meg!


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