Sunday, February 27, 2011

Critter Cards

Hey Everyone! I hope that you've all had a great weekend so far ... I'm sad to say that it's Sunday afternoon, but I got some creative time in with my crafty lady friends yesterday.  Anne was nice enough to host us at her lovely home and I think we all got a ton done! Check Anne's debut appearance out HERE as she guest designs at Sue-Ann's Crafts!

So without anymore gabbing, here are some of the projects that I completed this weekend! I was a bit on a roll with the cards, here's what I came up with!

The close up of the Monkey card wouldn't post, but the sentiment says bananas 4 you! I got the great banana paper from MaryAnn as she had a whole stack to do with monkeys!

Next were the skunks ... I struggled a little bit here and I think my issue was the color that I chose to use as the shaddow (blue) I think if I had done a yellow or even pink I would have been more creative with the color options and embellishments, but we learn!

Close up of one of the skunks!

I thought the poodles were too cute! Obviously more of a "girl" card, but I mixed it up a bit by changing the background color of the card on the middle verison. I also changed the layout of the stamp and just put a scrap piece of paper where I didn't want the stamp to hit the card (see blue card).

I didn't realize at the time but the black dotted paper was actually ahdesive backed which made putting all the extra layeres on quick and easy, I might do that on purpose next time!

Finally the dinos! These were so much fun to make.  I changed up the embellishments and color choices just a bit but kept the same dinosaur.

I used my Creative Memories corner punch to give these cards a bit of something different from the others which all had regular square corners.

I used my Gypsy for all of these and saved the animals for future use.  All of the critters were from the fabulous Create a Critter cartridge.  The Gypsy made it easy to make the animals in "bulk" so that multiple cards could be made with ease.  None of the cards have messages inside as I wanted to be able to start "stock piling" cards to have for any occasion, plus once they're made it'll only take a minute to stamp or write in a sentiment to fit the occasion that you're looking for!

Thanks for stopping by Crafting with Meg! I'm back to the craft room to see what else I can whip up for you before the weekend ends!



  1. OH MY WORD!!!!! These are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the CAC cart, it's one of my favs! Those are perfect for 'stock piling' your cards on hand! You did an amazing job!!! TFS! :)

  2. Meg, great variety and so adorable. I went home Saturday night and ordered a gypsy and the CAC cartridge !!
    You do great work!

  3. As you can see I heart that cartridge! And you're gonna love the Gypsy!

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments ladies!